My 2017 Auris Hybrid had its underside scraped by roadworks

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    Feb 23, 2020
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    Hello All,

    I returned home yesterday evening and found that during the course of roadworks in my street they had dug up and then refilled the road right in front of my drive way. My drive way descends slightly and the backfill the workmen had done roadside had sunken a bit following torrential rains while I was away. The net result - as I drove into my garage the underside of my Auris Hybrid scraped the curbstones.

    It was a very disturbing, grating, metallic sound but the car managed to get in - getting it out with the help of the workmen is going to be another matter altogether. I am going to have the car examined by the Toyota dealer ASAP. In the mean time I have checked out the underside of the car the best I can. I notice that a black metal tube (ca 2cm dia) pretty much near the middle of the car has collected some of the loose yellow sand on the outer side of the curb. There is another area somewhat closer to the rear wheels, but still running down the longitudianal center, to the left of what I assume is the exhaust manifold which appears to have scrape marks.

    My question - if the car makes strange worrysome noises when I next start it I will naturally know that something is wrong. If it does not, will it be OK to do the 21km distance I need to cover to take it to the dealer? Are there any sensitive bits in the areas I have described that are liable to have undergone critical damage? I'd much appreciate any help or advice here.