NAV System Display failed a year ago. I found a solution!

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    About a year ago, my NAV screen became intermittent. As the weather cooled, the auto-login stopped working, the buttons on the screen became non-responsive to touch or were very slow to respond. By winter, the only thing the screen would show was cryptic failure messages like "A/C not connected" or "System failure."

    I searched the web for solutions, finally discovering on eBay, this guy... gtcheapautoparts on eBay

    It took months to completely solve the problem because the '04 NAV module comes in many flavors... different numbers of front buttons (first shipment didn't match photo in his ad.. he accepted return immediately.)

    Second shipment had the right buttons, but when I went to install it, the top two connectors didn't match. Finally sent him photos of the front panel and a close-up of the connectors on the back. It took him a few weeks to find an exact match, but it arrived this past week and in an hour or so, I had it installed and it worked JUST FINE!

    The original order has been disappeared by eBay, so I can't give Chris the five stars he deserves, but if your nav screen goes out, check with him.

    Footnote: I asked my dealer for an estimate of what 'fixing the problem' would cost, and their 'electronics guy' came back with an estimate of about $3,000.00 Yeah, THREE Grand! More than the car was worth!

    The replacement Nav module, which also controls A/C, fuel consumption and MPG readings, audio and more... less than about $275. or so.

    The replacement requires pretty much a Phillips-head screwdriver and a 10mm socket wrench and strong, tiny fingers to undo the wiring harness clips!


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    Yes, not only are the 2004-2005 MFDs different than the 2006-2009, but there are several different versions of each depending on whether you have navigation, back up camera, etc.

    It's best to get the model number from the back of the unit before trying to purchase one. That's the best way to ensure you get a correct match. Many places won't even sell you one unless you provide the model number because they're tired of getting them returned.
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    When I read this, it makes it hard not to view the dealerships as anything other than complete rackets. Or perhaps it is 100 percent driven by the manufacturer. Kind of like those biotech firms that charge $400k per year for their cancer pill. Yes, they can charge whatever they want, given supply and demand. But that doesn't make it right.

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