Neman 14-50 for Tesla (50 Amp) to charge Prius Prime?

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    I apologize if this is too basic but I've been reading and reading and can't seem to find a simple direct answer.

    I have a Nema 14-50 for a Tesla, which I think requires 50 amps. I want to buy a charger for a 2020 Prime that I can plug into the 14-50.

    I seem to remember seeing that the Prime can't handle the 50 amps but it seems like there should be a charger that would let me make use of the Nema plug I have. Yes? No? And any suggestions for where to get such a charger.
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    If you already have Tesla EVSE don't they provide a J1772 adapter? You should be able to use that to charge PP, I think? Or is it specified to Tesla? 50Amp (or maybe 40Amp on 50Amp circuit) is the maximum amp rated for Tesla, but EVSE rated for a higher amp will just drop the amp to what PP needs (16 Amp for L2). The actual charger which determines what amp is use is inside of the car not in the EVSE, as I understand it.

    If you still need to purchase a J1772 L2 EVSE just for your PP, then you can buy almost any off Online. I purchased EnelX NexGen JuiceBox 40Amp NEMA14-50 when was on sale for less than half of the listed price after rebates and incentives, but unfortunately, I don't have a 240V circuit to use in my garage yet. Or make your own pigtail to convert the OEM L1 EVSE on your NEMA14-50. With the latter option, you will be limited to 12Amp (not the usual 16Aamp) at 240v, so the charge time is slightly longer than true L2 EVSE, but not much. @Rob43 in this community use to make and sell the pigtail, but he has not been around for a while. You can read more about the pigtail here: Using the Primes 120v Charger at 240 Volts, Cost $20 !!! | PriusChat
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    Are you currently using a Tesla branded EVSE wall or portable charging unit with a Tesla NEMA 14-50 adapter? In those cases, you could buy a J-1772 adapter for the output side of the Tesla EVSE charging unit that goes between that and a Prime, although it is after market as Tesla itself does not make the product:

    Otherwise, as Salamander_King notes above for other options.
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    Welcome@ I'll try to take these one at a time.
    No. Receptacles have no amperage requirement any more than a 5-gallon bucket requires five gallons of stuff in it. But it will carry 50A if what you plug into it requires it. Otherwise, you'd destroy all your way-under-one-amp LED lights when you connect to your 15A wall outlets.

    What you want to get is an EVSE. The charger is in the car under the back seat.

    You don't push amps, the load pulls them. If 240V (L2) power is connected, the Prime will demand either 8A or 16A depending on whether or not you have changed it from the factory setting of 16A.

    Lots and lots of EVSE choices available. You can chose the one you like. @Salamander_King offered a few options, but there are gobs more of them.
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