NEW SprintPCS Bluetooth Phone

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    First the FACTS..

    PhoneScoop CES 2006

    PhoneScoop Listing
    NOTE: Also has FCC links here too which show the devices manual will be available 17Feb which I hope means it may be launched then too!

    Bluetooth.ORG Qual

    FCC Page

    I'm just praying that it works well with the Prius's DENSO Bluetooth Car Kit since Bluetooth.ORG qualification has all these Bluetooth Profiles listed;
    - DUN-GW
    - GAP
    - HandsFree-AG (1.0)
    - Headset-AG
    - OBEX
    - OPP-Client
    - OPP-Server
    - Serial-DevA
    - Serial-DevB

    If Sprint does indeed deliver this phone to users, we probably won't have to upgrade to POWER VISION because the current specs on the links above show this Bluetooth phone is only 1xRTT. :D

    Also, since it appears this phone is not POWER VISION capable, I would hope it would be priced way below the current price of the Bluetooth Samsungs that Sprint offers with Power Vision only!

    Wander if our resident SprintPCS guru, Vagabond, can find out more about this LG LX-350 phone and provide us with more launch dates and stuff....