No Tail Lights but all other lights are working-- Not the Bulbs!

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    Jan 3, 2023
    2012 Prius c
    I purchased a 2012 PriusC last year from the original owner. He stated at the time that he always had work done at the dealership and he had copies of all service records showing that he in fact did. He stated that the only issue that he has had with the car is the tail lights on the passenger side sometimes would fill with water so he was advised to drill a tiny hole to allow moisture to drain out.

    I have poor vision and do not enjoy driving so I do not use the car frequently. I definitely do not drive much at night, and in the past year have only done so 3 times. The first time I drove the car at night, I noticed that people were flashing their lights at me. It was then that I realized that the DRL lights are not the same as the headlights. I turned on the headlights and assumed that was why people were flashing. The next time I drove at night, again I noticed people flashing their lights at me. I took the car to get an oil change and at that time they checked and made sure that my hazards, break lights, and turn signals worked. A few days ago again I drove the car at night and again people were flashing their lights. This time, a man pulled up at a red light next to me and said that my tail lights were both out. When I got home and had a friend help me check and it appears that all of my lights are working-- headlights, DRL lights, hazard lights, turn signals, fog lights, light above the rear license plate are all working. The only lights that are non-responsive are the main tail lights. They do not work in DRL mode or regular mode. They do not work at all. I found a tutorial online for how to change the bulbs and the passenger tail light looked fine, however the driver side light was visibly blacked and burned out. I replaced both bulbs to be safe but still the tail lights do not come on. I have read online and in the manual that the fuse located under the hood on the passenger side is for all of the lights so it would seem that is not the issue as all other lights are working. I DID notice that there is writing inside my manual where it seems as though the original owner at some point changed the headlight bulb. Another issue that I noticed when I was trying to fix this tail light issue was the the DRL lights and the regular headlights are the same intensity. The way that i understood, the DRL lights should be dimmer, however they are not. If you cycle through the DRL and the headlights you cannot even see a difference at all.

    I cannot drive the car now that I know the lights are not functioning properly and am desperate to fix this issue.