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Discussion in 'Fred's House of Pancakes' started by Danny, Jan 13, 2004.

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    I hope you can enjoy the Off Topic forum to discuss whatever is on your mind as you go through your day - whether that be politics, religion, your favorite color - whatever!

    However, to respect others and to be sure that no hard feelings or improper discussions move outside of the Off Topic forum, there are a couple of guidelines:

    'Bashing' or 'Flaming' :
    A quick note about bashing or flaming - blatant off topic bashing of any car type, manufacturer, etc will not be tolerated here on Priuschat outside of the Off Topic forum. This is the Off Topic area which means that you are free to discuss just about anything you want - so please keep any bashing, flaming, or soapbox rants to this OT forum. However, try to make it a discussion not just a bash session.

    Please keep in mind that many of the users of this forum browse it at their workplace or other public places, so nudity or linking to nudity will not be allowed. A "NSFW" tag is not good enough.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.