Opinions Needed on Craigslist Buy!

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    Opinions needed!!! As many of you know, the car market is INSANE right now! Especially for used/compact/hybrid vehicles. Cars are selling within minutes, sight unseen for ridiculous prices. Has made finding a Gen 2 Prius EXTREMELY difficult for me, but I finally have a shot at one and I'd like to send an inspection service out to look it over tomorrow. Have a few concerns though. Please tell me - in your opinion - if my concerns are valid or not, and if you'd pass on the deal or snatch it up.

    The seller's Prius is a 2007 with 178,000 miles. Car is in excellent condition inside & out. He's asking $4,750. That's all the good. Now for my concerns...

    He said the hybrid battery died about 2 years ago, so he had it replaced with one from Green Bean, which crapped out after a couple of months. As it was under warranty GB replaced it, and that one too went kaput a few months later. GB claims about 8% of their batteries short out or some other nonsense, and this is all normal. So GB replaced it yet again under the warranty, and this one (3rd hybrid battery) has been fine for about the past year. If I purchase the car the GB warranty is transferable to me, and has about 1.5 years left on it.

    Next, he said the 12v battery died last month and he spent $300 on a new one, which is working fine.

    The rear hatch door latch broke, and he replaced that entire panel with a new latch and everything.

    Only other issue is, he said the tire pressure gauge warning light has been on for the past 8 years, but it doesn't affect the car at all.

    To me, these are a lot of issues. My gut feel is saying that the car is starting to break down/fall apart. But the other part of me says it might be a great deal as the SELLER already paid to fix everything, not me. Plus I have the 1.5 year warranty on the hybrid battery.

    What say you? I'm torn myself. Especially since I've never owned a Prius. Opinions appreciated!!!

    P.S. - Why would the air gauge warning light not be shutting off if there's adequate pressure in the tires? Is this a sign of a deeper problem, or an easy fix?
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    The original batteries in the sensors inside the tires are dead. That’s all. Costs to fix vary but just waiting till it’s time for new tires is when many deal with it.

    The latch and 12v are common issues.

    You can get a new aftermarket HV battery (new cells not rebuilt used ones) for around $1600 on up not including installation. Add that to the price of the car and see if it’s still a good buy for you. A repair fund is often recommended for older hybrids (and cars in general).
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    As these cars age, they will need replacement parts like every other car. The original parts don't last forever.

    There are a few parts that will need replacement, these are almost guaranteed to fail on the gen2 prius.

    1 - combination meter, this can be a DIY repair for a fairly low price, it involves putting in another capacitor onto the odometer display board. Alternatively you can send this out for repair for about $150. The DIY will involve you taking it out and putting it back in.

    2 - inverter coolant pump - this fails about every 100,000 miles of service, another DIY that will cost about $150 or less. If a dealer does it, it can be upwards of $700

    3 - brake actuator pump - this one is a biggie and very hard to do DIY. The new parts alone will cost you $1300 with an online discount, or $1800 if you go to the retail parts counter at Toyota. As time goes by, this electronic device will starting losing pressure and your brakes will not function properly.

    4 - HV battery failure - this you're going through now, it's about a $1600 repair if you go aftermarket modules or $2000+ if you DIY with Toyota original modules.

    All other parts on the car will fail/wear like any other car as it ages - shocks, struts, brakes, tires, rust, car paint etc
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    I suggest using an OBD scanner and the Dr. Prius app to check the HV battery and get a carfax report.
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    i would look for a corolla, civic and etc