Palm automotive log programs

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    For a number of years I used a Palm program for tracking gas mileage. First it was KarKare and after noticing a problem with the way it calculated the overall gas mileage, I contacted the author about it.

    After using it with my Prius for about a year, I checked the web site and found that the version number had not changed. So I switched to TealAuto. I was able to export the data from KarKare and into TealAuto. KarKare was nice with a multiple column display of data, but TealAuto has much more extensive reporting options. (You can even track mileage by brand of gas or even the station.)

    To get a quick graph, I imported the data into an AppleWorks spreadsheet. After working with the data a bit, I found that TealAuto's overall MPG calculation was wrong also! Well I highlighted the MPG computed for each tank and queried for the average. Sure enough, the same problem as I had found with KarKare.

    Neither of these programs takes the total mileage and divides it by the tolal fuel. They compute the average of the MPG values reported for each tank. Because each instance of low MPG represents fewer miles than high MPG the result is lower than it should be.

    I have contacted Teal Point Software, and am waiting for a response. Their last asked for more detail and I sent the .csv export file.