Please provide Treo 650 Bluetooth procedure for Prius

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    Jan 4, 2005
    Can someone please point me to the specific workaround method to get my bluetooth in the prius to see my Treo 650? I see lots of comments on the board, but don't see how to resolve this....Please help me if you can.

    I have a Cingular Treo 650

    thanks, Phoebe
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    Nov 26, 2003
  3. jazzersaxman

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    Jan 19, 2006
    Hi everyone,

    I just purchased an UNLOCKED (T-Mobile) Treo 650 thinking that it was going to work
    swimmingly with all of it's features in and out of my car --- ooops...
    my 2005 Prius doesn't seem to want to talk with the phone?!?! I
    know there was a Palm patch about 6 mos. ago, but my phone is up to
    date according to the site. Can anyone suggest a solution, or at least
    a glimmer of hope!

    Initially when I tried to pair the car and the phone, I followed the
    regular instructions for the car by having the car wait and the phone
    send/look for my bluetooth device. Once it found my car, I selected it
    on the phone, entered in the passkey and waited...the phone said it
    paired, but the car was still waiting to connect. I tried to place a
    call to see if it worked, and then the phone paired up and said it was

    But, here is the problem. When I went driving later in the day, my
    phone was on, and I started my car, and the phone kept trying to
    connect with the car and vice versa. No connection. This dropped
    search process kept repeating until I finally turned off the BT on the
    phone, because after about 10min of search,drop, search, drop - off it

    I have been reading on many groups that because the Treo is BT1.1 (I
    found out after fact) the Prius will not be compatible. But it is a
    brand new phone! Only 4 days old. I don't know of a way to "upgrade"
    the BT to 1.2 which is supposed to be a software-only change that will
    allow the Prius to work ok.

    Any ideas?
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    Repeat the process. You may want to "delete" the phone from the car first, or you may be able to "select" the phone to reconnect. Once you have a connection again, turn the car off, then on again. If it connects again, you should be good to go permanently.
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    Nov 21, 2005
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    See your other post, jazz.
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    Dec 7, 2005
    :eek: Hey I just wanted to alert everyone that there is a TREO Software update that is called v 1.17

    at least for the Cingular/ATT wireless version of it, which you don't find out is 1b.17-CNG until you start the download, will not work with the PRIUS!!!!!

    DO NOT Download the 1.17-CNG version on the Palm website - which you will get to through Cingular as well!!!!!!!

    CUstomer service? So far after three hours on the phone with Palm "You can't go back in the versions. Call Cingular they will resolve your issue."

    Cingular technical: "You phone is out of warrenty we can't replace it."

    Me: "Your software screwed up a working phone!!!!"

    After several transfers to supervisors, no one was willing to resolve the problem, ultimately referring me back to Palm because it was their software that messed up the phone.

    Problem: When going into the register screen, the phone registers, you can make one - ONE - call! The Treo then disconnects the bluetooth and the Prius thinks it is still connected!

    The solution is to turn off the blue tooth on the handset, tell the Prius to disconnect, re-establish the connection so you can make ONE more call and then repeat the process!

    Cingular's solution is to replace the phone: Sign up for a new contract of two years or file a claim with insurance for a defective phone.

    My position is the software they recommended caused the reduced functionality and they should replace the phone at no cost or added inconvenience to me! I gave numerous arguements why they should consider the replacement, but their counter was "It's policy, we don't care if you have been with up 10 years or 10 months, we treat everyone the same!"

    So, I intend to pursue the issue with both Palm and ATT (I am a stockholder of both) to see if I can't achieve some longterm resolution for all of us. In the interim, I have filed a claim with the insurance carrier to get a replacement at a cost to me of $50, certainly less than the my time value, but that is not the point now.

    HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE: While on the phone with the insurance carrier, they advised me that they are making a ONE TIME good will replacement of the phone and cancelling my insurance. They are making the replacement because they have been collecting the insurance from me, but they do NOT consider the TREO an "insurable" phone and will not replace the refurbished phone they are sending if it is defective, nor will they replace the phone at anytime in the future if lost or damaged. Their words.

    SO - do not download the software upgrade offered at the Palm site!!! It is not reversable!!! You will not be compensated for the error!!! You will have a phone that no longer works with your Prius!!! (And possibly other bluetooth devices, I haven't tried my ear piece yet.)

    The original 1.17-CNG was required to establish connectivity between the TREO and Prius. The updater on the Palm site is no longer that version - DO NOT DOWNLOAD and install the web version!!!

    If someone will tell me how to make the old version of 1.17-CNG available, I will upload it as I have it downloaded to one of my computers, so that it will be available to other TREO and Prius owners.

    How long was I on the phone? 1 hour 15 minutes with Palm and 3 hours and 57 minutes with Cingular to try to resolve the issues. Then there was another 30 minute call while I waited to be transferred to the insurance carrier and they processed my claim.

    Of course they all wished that I would have a nice day, thank you. :angry: