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    Jul 12, 2007
    So I'm looking for some advice and experience.
    I ride a motorcycle as my main commuter. 40 mile round trip. I'm looking to replace my STS which I use for bad weather. Admittedly things like loads of power, stability system, dual climate zones, heated seats, awesome freakin stereo, and overall safety of a big heavy car with lots of airbags will be missed. But since it sits most of the time I can probably live without them.

    I'm curoius how well the prius does in the snow. My front wheel drive STS with traction control and stabilitrac really worked well. I could mash the pedal to the floor and the motor wont go above 2500 rpm while the anti lock braking kicks in and it's like "the little engine that could" motoring through all but the deepest snow. Can I expect the prius to do well in the snow?

    As a motorcyclist my bike is pretty environmentally friendly. 45mpg city and 70ish highway. It requires very little in terms of maintenance, and since many environmentalists now consider the cost of the materials that go into the manufacture of the vehicle as part of the carbon footprint, I'm feeling good there as well. I guess I can I feel just as good on a prius?

    When riding a bike you get a lot of attention. Do you get attention when riding a prius? Girls tend to hug me when on the back of my bike, even though I purposely ride very sedately with passengers and I have a backrest so really there is no need for hugging. Of course I don't mind it. Do you find girls waiting by your prius when you leave work who just want to go for a ride?

    Naturally some people will feel a motorcycle is dangerous and of course they would be wrong. People are dangerous, inanimate objects are not. Statistically automobiles are more dangerous not only to passengers but also to pedestrians (one of the reasons car insurance is so expensive). You are statistically more likely to die in a car due to head injuries than on a motorcycle, but there are no mandatory helmet laws for passenger vehicles. I guess the politicians care more about motorcyclists than automobile passengers, that or it's harder to drink/eat/talk on cell phone/read the paper/put on makeup, etc with a helmet on.

    Regarding the power or lack of power in a prius, is that an issue for most? naturally it isn't as quick or fast as a normal cars and definitely not even worth comparing to a motorcycle, but will it be problematic? Is the prius slower when there is more than one person in it? Did I read somewhere on here that you have to plan your acceleration?

    How about fuel? with ethanol making gas less potent does it affect the prius? Is there a brand of gas that is better than others? Can you run really high octane in them?

    What about theft? Is prius on the A-List of cars to be stolen?

    I think thats it for now. I'll try to rent one soon and report back.
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    May 21, 2007
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    welcome to PriusChat.
    We have a wonderful search feature that you can use to look up just about every question you've asked.

    Thanks for hanging up to drive -- I appreciate that. :)