RTOD and Check Engine Light in 2007 Prius

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    Jul 3, 2021
    2007 Prius
    Hey all,

    I have a 2007 Prius that I've had for just over 10 months, and it has 135K miles on it.

    While driving probably 35 miles an hour, I got the RTOD and a VSC light, a ((!)) light, and a "Check Engine" light on my dash yesterday. Later, the VSC light and the ((!)) disappeared, leaving only the RTOD and Check Engine light.

    I plugged in one of those cheapo O'Reilly OB2 Code Readers and definitely got the P0A80 code for Hybrid Battery System Failure so I'm sure that's one (and hopefully the only) issue. I was told the O'Reilly scanners don't work very well on Toyota Hybrids, and it was saying there were 2 codes, but we could never find where to read the other one.

    I'm wondering if the "Check Engine" light indicates anything else in trouble with the car? I was coming up on an oil change but I still had about 400 miles left until I needed an oil change. Wondering if anyone here has any insights?

    Hybrid Battery System replacement will happen on Tuesday and I'm sure the technician will do another scan then, so I'll be sure to report back to this thread, but I'm trying to mentally prepare myself. What's weird is I never had any indication the battery was going, I didn't notice any decreased fuel economy (my car was getting 50 on the freeway and 40 on average), and all the lights and things were working just fine.

    Thanks in advance!