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Sites that claim to help save money for car buyers in Australia

Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by bauhaus, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. bauhaus

    bauhaus Junior Member

    Dec 27, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
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    I'm in Melbourne, Australia. I've found a couple of web sites that claim to help save money for car buyers in Australia, i.e.

    Car News, Reviews & Guide - Buy, Sell New & Used Cars | Drive
    Auto Expert by John Cadogan - save thousands on your next new car!

    Has anybody in Australia had any experience with applying to get help from these sites with saving money on buying new cars? I've never used these sites before for that purpose. It would be interesting to see how much either of them could help a car buyer save on a new Prius.

    I'm asking because it looks like I will be able to buy a new car in a few months. I just want to see how I can get a good deal when the time comes. If there are other Australian car sites anybody can recommend for saving money on a new car I'd like to know about them.

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  2. davids45

    davids45 Active Member

    Nov 23, 2016
    Chatswood, NSW
    2016 Prius c

    I haven't used these when I buy a new car every 10 or more years apart (yes, Toyotas).

    I'd suspect your sites could be like the hotel booking sites - they don't save you money. You pay less if you go directly to the hotel/motel/B&B since you going direct saves the fee the sites charge the hotel/motel/B&B owner.

    A quick squiz at these sites you referenced and Drive did not list a Prius in its Toyota models ( o_O ), and the other site seems oriented toward the power-mad car-buyers and those wanting "old-fashioned" - traditional - cars.

    I think you won't get much of a deal on a Prius in Oz unless a dealer has one that is hard to sell in his region (e.g. North Queenslanders are probably not interested in fuel efficiency, as much as horsepower, 4WD and towing capability). A bit like the situation up-over, if I read PriusChat correctly, where interstate travel is necessary to merely get the Prius model being sought :) .

    I had limited choice in buying a 'c' in Sydney last year :( - I was told there are more Toyota dealers (in NSW?) than Prius c cars are imported each month, so our supply and choice is limited, so deals are in equally short supply.

    Good luck with it anyway,

    David S.
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