Spouse got a Gen2, now I am thinking of a Toyota/Lexus Hybrid

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    Feb 11, 2021
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    Hey all,

    My partner got a gen2 a little over a year ago. It has been a very good car especially in these crazy times. It hasn't been without these faults, and we had to have the battery replaced but it was totally worth it. I wrote a rave review about GreenTec, everybody said to check back in three months. I haven't done a capacity test, but his mileage is holding true and the battery 99% of the time stays in the top blue bar, sometimes the green, depending on hills, etc. No change from early December when it was installed. Mileage ranges from 44-52MPG. A far cry from the old battery barely cracking 40. I did a quick test the other day and it checked out good. Woohoo!

    Now for me. I drive a 2014 Kia Soul. It has 98k. Family got it for me with 50k for about $7,500. Just received an offer from Carvana for just under 10k. I have taken interest in a 2006 Lexus RX400h. It has 178k on it and the seller is a hybrid mechanic with excellent reviews. The previous owner had bought it from the seller and maintained it with them for three years (he traded it back in for a bigger car). It needed a new ABS pump which they had no problem telling me that they took care of. The photos are excellent, has a clean carfax and numerous service records. They did say they checked and the timing belt was serviced, oil, fluids, hybrid battery all check out. List price is just under $8k. The photos look excellent and the paint in the close up pics also looks pristine. I am probably going to look at it on Saturday and see. I hear Lexus hybrids are excellent, as expected since Toyota makes them and their track record with the Prius is also excellent.

    Do I ditch the Kia for a higher mileage Lexus? Or do I just keep it and run it to the ground?
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