Featured Toyota details design of fuel cell system

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    Source: Green Car Congress: Toyota details design of fuel cell system in Mirai; work on electrode catalysts

    While other major automakers have either introduced (Hyundai, Honda) or are in serious development of new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for the market, Toyota continues to take the point in not just promoting, but also supporting the broader technical (and infrastructure) development required for a large-scale realization of hydrogen-based electromobility.

    At the 2015 CES, Toyota announced royalty-free use of approximately 5,680 fuel-cell-related patents held globally, including critical technologies developed for the Mirai fuel cell vehicle. (Earlier post.) At the SAE 2015 World Congress, Toyota presented a set of four technical papers detailing some of the technology innovations used in Mirai fuel cell stack. (Earlier post.) And again at this year’s 2016 SAE World Congress, Toyota presented three more papers: one detailing the development of Mirai’s Toyota Fuel Cell System (TCFS) and two dealing with the critical issues of the fuel cell catalysts.

    The Toyota papers were part of the larger World Congress technical session on practical hydrogen fuel cell technology: PFL 720, Advances in Fuel Cell Vehicle Applications, chaired by Jesse Schneider of BMW.

    No, I'm not a fool-cell fan but one should not remain ignorant. So if I see a fuel-cell battery for my laptops . . .

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    Toyota's fuel cells don't push forward small fuel cells for electronics. Fuel cells looked poised to be part of high end lap tops in 2000, but lithium polymer batteries and solid state drives have just about killed that move. Fuel cells just can't be as small, light, and convient, and you can't fly with your liquid fuel to charge your fuel cells. Maybe in drones, but again those are liquid fuel, not 10,000 psi hydrogen fuel cells.

    So what was big from this toyota anouncement?
    Of course it is only 10% more efficient than the 2009 clarity, so honda/gm probably already were on top of this and won't use toyota patents. The other thing to note was toyota claimed 68 mpge on the fchv-adv, a complete fiction as we can now see, it was because of a much easier test. I'd like to see if the mirai can hit 100 mpge on that really easy test, which was hyped as real world.

    I guess the headlines are less than they seem. The big thing is getting fuel cells cheaper and more reliable. We know toyota is working on it. Let them trumpet the advance when they do it. Until then it doesn't compete well with plug-ins.
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    if only Toyota's hydrogen car could be recharged on their constant over stating .... yea, I know they can process hydrogen from cow poop ... but that's no where near as plentiful as Toyota's own grown bs.
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