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Toyota Europe Introduces the 2023 Yaris with a new Hybrid Level

Discussion in 'Toyota Hybrids and EVs' started by drash, Jun 18, 2023.

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    The Yaris has two hybrid system available to customers in Europe. The current Hybrid system, now called Hybrid 115, and for the GR Sport and Premiere Edition grades, the Hybrid 130 system.

    New Yaris Brings Expanded Hybrid Line-Up, Enhanced Safety and Digital User Experience

    The current Yaris hybrid powertrain has the 1.5L NA 3-cylinder that pumps out 68 kW (91.2 HP). The hybrid system total is 85 kW (114 HP or 116 DIN HP) which is why it is called Hybrid 115. The 2023 Yaris GR Sport and Premiere Edition grades gets the Hybrid 130 system as standard which has the same 1.5L 68 kW engine but uses a new more powerful MG2 that helps drive combined horsepower to 96 kW (129 HP or 130 DIN HP). Torque for the new motor has increased from 141 Nm (104 lb-ft) to 185 Nm (136.5 lb-ft).
    The weight gain for this hatchback going from Hybrid 115 to Hybrid 130 was a mere 35 kg (77 lbs). The lightweight hatchback with the Hybrid 115 system weighs in at 1,145 kg (2,524 lbs) while the Hybrid 130 based Premiere or GR Sport increases to 1,180 kg (2,601.5 lbs). For a direct comparison, the 2022 Prius XLE offered 89 kW (121 HP) out of its 1.8L 4 cylinder and weighed 1,395 kg (3,075 lbs). The 2022 Prius took 10.2 seconds to go 0 - 100 km/h while the Yaris GR Sport will make it in 9.2 seconds.

    Both Yaris hybrid systems retain the same Lithium-ion 764 Wh battery and yes the Yaris has a rear wiper.