Tweeters, JBL/w NAV, and Sound System Install

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    Tweeters, JBL/w NAV, and (Stealth) Sound System Install

    Hi PC, its been a while!

    I have done many mods (from ideas here on PC) and felt it was time to for me to contribute! I have seen posts about what to do if you wanted tweeters (and how/where to put them), put in another AMP besides the JBL AMP and/or if you had the NAV unit with it, and tapping into speaker signals, etc.

    My idea was to leave all JBL audio parts in place, and install another complete sound system in parallel (that I can control). I found a location to mount tweeters. I have seen some creative ideas, custom enclosures that block the small port window, and others just lay them there, but this idea worked for me. There is some room behind the A Pillars where I mounted them. Run wires down the dash along the running boards to the back. Be careful of the wiper fluid line on the passenger side and around the seat belt anchors.



    The types of plugs and connectors I used allow me to unplug and remove the sub and amp rack for trunk space. I have not determined if the extra weight impacts MPGs yet.


    The JBL w/NAV JBL AMP is under front Passenger Seat.
    Remove its cover my lifting up the 2 black buttons on top.
    Note: Button on passenger side is hard to put back in! (for me anyway)
    I gave up after 20 min. and just used a zip cable tie. Absolutely ridiculous.


    Amp Wire taps:

    Front - High Freq. - White Connector on Left
    • Left front speaker (+) - Pink
    • Left front speaker (-) - Violet
    • Right front speaker (+) - Light green
    • Right front speaker (-) - Blue

    Rear - Low Freq. - Blue Connector middle
    • Left rear speaker (+) - Black
    • Left rear speaker (-) - Yellow
    • Right rear speaker (+) - Red
    • Right rear speaker (-) - White

    I used the Scosche kits to convert speaker levels to line level inputs for the amps. I just used the blue connector for signals at first but discovered that only low frequencies are on that connector. I then tried the front signal wires on the white connector and located high frequencies for the tweeters there.

    Once everything is checked and amp gains are adjusted, I will wrap the wires in split loom tubing to clean up the looks. It gets stupid HOT here in SW GA, so I did the install over several days working early mornings, and late in the evenings. The system sounds great! The tweeters are excellent and clear. Now I have to figure out how to keep the trunk area from rattling when the bass notes hit hard!



    • Std. Auto Switch - Tapped +12v from Aux plug for AMP power control
    • Gain control for BASS amps
    • Lots of Speaker wire
    • Electricians Tape - lots!
    • Zip Cable Ties of different lengths (black) - Lots
    • 1 set Pioneer TS-T110 Tweeters
    • 2x 12" Subs in custom box
    • 3 MTX Amps - 2x BASS, 1x High Freq.
    • 2x Scosche Line Level Converters
    • 1/4" and 3/8" split loom tubing

    Most of these parts I had left over from previous system installs. Just needed a new set of tweeters and more wire.

    • Metric Socket set for battery terminals (Don't short the red side to ground!)
    • Dremel Tool (for cutting holes for the Tweeters - A Pillars)
    • Soldering Iron, Solder. I do not like crimp connectors.
    • Misc. Phillips Screwdrivers
    • Wire cutters and wire strippers
    • Sharp knife
    • Flash light
    • Safety Glasses
    • Patience!
    • I am sure I forgot something...

    I used these other PC posts for reference:

    Thanks to these PC members:

    • moner
    • ALL_600D
    I have other posts for mods I have done. Maybe something you would like. Check them out! I think I am done with the mods. It's time to enjoy the car now!

    WOW! Over +140 page views and no replies. Interesting...
    Close the trunk cover, and it's gone! The Trunk Monkey:


    This is a basic drawing of my system. I did not remove any factory components, I just added another set of amplified speakers that I can control by tapping off of the outputs from the JBL amp.

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    Hey, how were you able to get the tweeters signal from the white connector? I'm having issues getting a reliable signal from it.
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