upgrade base radio to support rear camera - radio options

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    Hey so i did a bit of research now. I want to upgrade the stock 518c1 radio in my prius. Its the monochrome LCD. Goal is primarily for a backup camera, but satnav cant hurt to have.

    There appear to be three options that are from other prius C models (I am omitting the ones like camry, regular prius, highlander, etc that may or may not fit. Trying to stay as model correct as possible)

    First off, the connections that are in my car are most likely this:


    The possible radios to purchase are:
    100023 - As you can see by the rear shot, it has a GPS module at the bottom and associated antenna ports. I learned this from research.

    100023 front.jpg 100023 rear.jpg

    100505 - NO gps module apparent. Fronts nearly identical.

    100505 front.jpg 100505 rear.jpg

    Question, does the 100505 model have GPS nav? all the ebay pics are missing the satnav module on this 100505. i looked at at least 6 of them.
    Surely someone out there has a 100505 in their car and can provide the answer here.

    The other question is that the 100505 does not appear to have the backup cam connector, which i believe to be the most upper left connector on the 100023 rear picture. But please correct me if i am wrong. Does the 100505 then not support a backup cam? or did they switch it to the rearview mirror like lexus does on later model C's? and whats with those two connectors that i thought were for the GPS? between the USB and speakers.

    100872 - 2018+ Prius c radio. Has a stanav module by the looks of it, but some of the connectors are weird looking now.

    100872 front.jpg 100872 rear.jpg

    Does anyone have a labelled picture with ALL the connections labelled? Im sure that will make the most sense. I saw one on some forums somewhere but neglected to save it :(

    EDIT: found one that is the video connector, g79. but only one radio above looks to have it, the 100023....
    g79 backup camera connector.png
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    Might help if you post your location- USA models are wired differently from rest-of-world models.
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    Crutchfield in the USA will custom make a harness for cheap (IMO) to connect any aftermarket radio to the C so that it's truly plug-n-play and depending on what you get you will gain TONS of features over most OEM units (apple carplay/android auto being one of the biggest for many folks). You may need extra hardware to make the steering wheel controls work with it but those can be plug-n-play too sometimes.

    OEM screens are typically very low resolution so any "HD" camera or higher is above spec. I'm using and liking this one which comes with a mounting kit: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_707VT601HD/Boyo-VTK601HD.html. If you live in a corrosive or wet or otherwise harsh environment, I would suggest sourcing stainless steel hardware to mount.