Weird acting USB at READY mode.

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    Recently the USB started to act weird this last month or so. When I first start the Prime, (2017 ADV.), the USB will skip songs like posted in the video below (wont let me embed) OR flatout not play like the USB code is locked up OR disconnect the USB like I unplugged it when I have not. bluetooth audio/calls, GPS voice, AM/FM etc. and other audio all work normally when this happens. Sometimes it fixes it self, sometimes it will get 1/2 to 2/3 thought the last song before it locks up and just displays "not connected." It does NOT do it in accessory mode, only in READY. In any case unplugging and plugging back in the USB drive fixes the problem. It never shows up again until the next READY power cycle.

    I have 3 USB drives I swap between, all formatted to FAT32. the biggest is a 16GB that is organized in folders; folder A is songs 1-254, folder B is 255-509, Folder C is 510-763 and so on. It never takes more than 5 mins to index the drive. The smallest is a 4GB that I just have ~100 songs in the root folder. It's less than 255 so I dont use the folder system. I tried a 4th brand new sandisk drive and it still does it so it's not the USB drive. All 4 work on my desktop just fine.

    Anyone else seen this? Is there a simple fix? firmware/Entune update? Should I try NTFS instead of FAT32?

    Oh the infotainment system, for me, has been rock solid for me since I bought it. I dont suffer the reboot loop issue. It HAS rebooted on its own in the past but not constantly like every day.

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