What Drives Us - Episode 30 "Revenge of the Civic Drivers"

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    Danny Cooper takes a week off and we welcome new guest panelist, Jason Holder to talk about his experience with the Honda Civic Hybrid (2nd generation) and the Honda CR-Z. Jason speaks in depth about the firmware update, Honda performance and his driving impressions of the CR-Z. Regular panelists Linda Weidemann and Tony Schaefer join in to discuss news of the week including Volt MPG, Leaf production number rumors, dead flowers, reveal the mysteries behind plasmacluster and much more. Host: Russell Frost (Danny will be back next week) Panelists: Tony Schaefer, Jason Holder and Linda Weidemann Episode #: 30 Time: 1:20:36 Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes Subscribe to What Drives Us - Enhanced Edition with your favorite podcatcher Subscribe to What Drives Us - MP3 with your favorite podcatcher Direct Enhanced M4A Download Leave us a voicemail with your question or topic and we'll try to get you on the air. Just call (575) 51-DRIVE. Become a "Fan" of What Drives Us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/whatdrivesus or check out our new website with all of the previous episodes at http://whatdrives.us