XM Radio - 2009 Toyota Prius

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    I just thought I would post this so that others do not have to go through what I experienced. When I bought my 2009 Toyota Prius, I had my dealership also install the factory XM Radio kit. The factory kit came with an antenna that was mounted on the inside of my Prius on the passenger side dash board very close to the front wind shield. From all documentation I have read, this is not the ideal place for the antenna, and best reception can be achieved by mounting an antenna on the roof where there is a magnetic surface for the antenna to attach to. (I had terrible reception with the antenna mounted inside the vehicle.) Well, to make a long story short...after about six months of contact with my local Toyota dealership and with Toyota HQ in California, they finally came up with a solution for me. They ordered me the XM Radio antenna that was made for the Toyota Land Cruiser. (Even though the maintenance and parts cost me just over $250, I was fully reimbursed.) I am here to report that this antenna (which is now mounted just behind the regular radio antenna on my roof near the back hatch) is so much better and there is a vast improvement in reception!!! I would highly recommend that if you are having reception issues with the factory-installed XM Radio kit, that you talk with your local Toyota dealer and/or call Toyota HQ. It will be well worth your time.
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