Yes, your 2020 Prius AWD XLE can take a 22 cubic ft roof box with 0 impediment

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  1. AWD Prius + 22 cubic ft roof box

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  2. Rav4 Hybrid

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  1. Tianen Chen

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    Mar 28, 2018
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    2020 Prius
    XLE AWD-e
    Thule Force XXL. Look it up. 0 impediment to driving visibility and hatch opening. ZERO. Now the cargo capacity of my Prius + roof box slight surpasses that of a Rav4 (72.7 vs 69.8 cubic ft). MPG decline is 5-8 in strong winded huge mountainous areas around Lewiston, Idaho. I used to average 47 without the roof box (I drove to two-lane state highways, snow, national parks, dirt roads, Cascade Mountain range). Now it is low 40s. In cities, however, MPG decline is not noticeable!

    The only draw back is washing and waxing my car. It is best to take the box and the roof rack off. In a touchless automatic car wash such as Splash in Lewiston, ID, there would be little water getting into the box from the joints connecting the box and the roof rack.

    I will mount a hitch rack and put my spare tire there and start to live in my car.

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