Clean Disruption - why and when

Clean Disruption - why and when
I read Tony Seba's book about clean disruption, so when I received the email, bringing my attention to this presentation, I thought it was a lecture about his book. Now that I spent an hour, watching the presentation I realized it is not. He is expanding the topic from where he ended his book. At the end he covers the impact beyond transportation, energy. He also covers the impact on our daily life, society and politics.

What you learn may impact you investments, your investment advice. If you own a business you may also get some insight what is happening in terms of energy and transportation, when and why. The premise is that disruption will happen not because folks are "green" but purely because of economics, and no politician can stop it.

He is not a terrific speaker, but sometimes funny. If you think he is full hot air, it is OK with me. Just remember the story of Noah.

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"Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation - Boulder, April 9, 2018" on YouTube
All about Energy, Disruption and how EV’s (and AV’s (Autonomous Vehicles)) are going to take over completely by about 2030.

This is a University of Colorado professor who wrote a book on the Clean Disruption of Energy:

This lecture is from this April and lasts about an hour. If you can’t afford an hour to learn about the disruptive nature of Energy and Transportation, then you may skip to the 21 minute mark of this lecture where he gets more specific to topics of interest to us. If this is not short enough for you, skipping to the 30 minute mark, he talks about EV’s specifically and at the 37-minute mark, he moves onto AV’s. (To be honest, I only got about 2/3 of the way through ... I’ll finish tomorrow.)

(Do turn up the audio ... the volume is rather weak.)
Sep 5, 2018