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  1. PA2011PriusNewbie

    PA2011PriusNewbie New Member

    Oct 30, 2011
    2011 Prius
    Hello all!

    First time Prius owner here. Slowly moving my family from BMW to the Toyota Family. I, dad, am the first one to make the jump from a 7 Series to a sharp '11 Blizzard Pearl 5. My wife drives an X5 and she is scared silly over all of the Prius technology. My response - 18mpg verses 40+mpg baby - we're going to learn this car together! Gonna love the monthly gas budget change I'm sure.

    We just took the jump two days ago and really didn't do much research at all to ready ourselves for a Hybrid except for conversations with business friends who have raved about their Prius mobiles. Saw the car, drove it, liked the projected mpg and tech package, bought it. Goodbye 7 hello Prius!

    Here a question for you:

    How long of a learning curve time did it take you to move from the conventional gas powered mentality to the hybrid way of doing car miles?

    Been reading the forum here and liking what I'm seeing but obviously a newbie. Thanks for any responses!
  2. spiderman

    spiderman wretched

    Jul 5, 2009
    2010 Prius
    Welcome aboard! Took about 45 minutes to get over the fact the engine is going to shutdown at the light. :)

    Take it easy and make sure to read over the owner's manual completely.
  3. xpcman

    xpcman Senior Member

    Jun 11, 2009
    California - SF Bay area
    2010 Prius
    The transition will be less painful if you use PWR mode for a few weeks. Then "normal" mode for another few. Then an only then use ECO for bumper to bumper or in-town travel. This retrains the "seat of pants" feeling that the car is gutless.
  4. F8L

    F8L Protecting Habitat & AG Lands

    Aug 14, 2006
    Sacramento, CA.
    2013 Chevy Volt
    I transitioned gradually. I still had my 800hp 4x4 truck to help me take baby steps towards recovering from a horsepower addiction. After a few months I sold the truck and I have been clean ever since. Now if I can find a cure for the "modification bug".....

    Welcome to the forum. :)
  5. DonVentura

    DonVentura SoCal Prius Driver

    Sep 29, 2011
    Ventura, CA
    2010 Prius
    :welcome: I got used to mine in a few days. Smile every time I look at the MPG!
  6. Tideland Prius

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    Oct 2, 2004
    2010 Prius
    Congrats and :welcome: to PriusChat!

    Considering that I started with the Prius fairly early in my driving career, I would say it took no time at all. I loved the technology in the vehicle so I knew what I was getting myself into. Playing games with mpg and trying to get a "high score" made it that much more fun!
  7. Jackoar

    Jackoar New Member

    Oct 26, 2011
    Long beach Ca
    2011 Prius
    Hi! :welcome: So glad your here! I just got my Prius last Tuesday and I am still in shock about everything. I came from a 2008 Scion (Toyota) XB so this is a big change for me tech wise. I hope to see pictures of your new baby! And yes its very important to read the 50 pound manual, lots of useful info in there!
  8. cwerdna

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    Sep 4, 2005
    SF Bay Area, CA
    2006 Prius
    :welcome:Wow, that's a big jump.

    Hmmm, it didn't take me long at all other than getting used to the difference in controls and the feel of the brakes. There is a fairly long learning curve if one wants to learn all the techniques to get better mileage, some of which requires extra instrumentation like a ScanGauge II.

    Be careful about "projected milleage". Do read http://priuschat.com/forums/other-c...uth-about-epa-city-highway-mpg-estimates.html.

    You've probably already got a blast of cold weather, but you should find http://priuschat.com/forums/gen-iii...y/99492-why-mileage-gets-worse-in-winter.html insightful, esp. re: gallonage vs. mileage. It's still work in progress but I hope to type something up more final in the next few days that hopefully will be the one that's stickied (most original post was edited and originally was floating the idea of a sticky until winter's over w/such knowledge).

    I'd recommend that you get snow tires as I doubt the stock tires will be good in heavy snow.
  9. DrScooter

    DrScooter New Member

    May 18, 2011
    2011 Prius
    It really does not take long, although my wife is quite fearful. Except for finding neutral with the joy stick/stick without taking 15 seconds to read, one can drive it just like any old car. I got mine in May, granted good weather helps mpg's but without much thought on my normal 35 mile commute I averaged about 46-47 mpg. I heard it improves on its own after a few thousand miles. That said, against my normal actions I read a few instructions, learned to drive "like I got no brakes" and to let my speed vary a bit for better mpg's and easily made a hair over 50 mpg. Added a ScanGauge II and I've been creeping up to 53+ now no where near some folks claimed 60 and over but even though my last car a Honda Civic averaged 31 mpg's on the same route I'm getting at least 20 more mpg and I almost drive the Prius just like it's a car. I don't bother with "Power" or "Economy" and EV just in parking lots, drive throughs and my last few block home just because it's cool. :welcome:
  10. Much More Better

    Much More Better Active Member

    Nov 2, 2009
    2010 Prius
    Congrats! Welcome to PC! The beauty of hybrid tech is that it's design to behave very much like a conventional car. Read the manual to familiarize yourself with the car. Use PWR mode to make the throttle feel like a ICE (internal combustion engine) car and you'll be on your way. Show Wifey how to start the car and work the shifter and she'll be a convert in no time.

    Within 2wk you're gonna wanna learn how to maximize your mileage. It's fun to watch the display and try to get the lowest "score!" You might experience a shift in mentality and saving gas becomes an interest, not a financial need. You slow down, minimize short trips, combine trips, predicting traffic lights, and you might realize other drivers weaving in/out of traffic won't get them to their destination that much faster.

    40mpg is the absolute worse I have achieved and that is in the dead of a Canadian winter. I have 8 consecutive tanks over 50mpg (no highway/freeway) and that's pretty avg around here.
  11. fotomoto

    fotomoto Senior Member

    Apr 22, 2009
    So. Texas
    Other Hybrid
    About two tanks! ;)

    You can get up to hybrid speed here: Newbie Forum - PriusChat Forums faster than that X5 can suck down a tank of gas! :D
  12. Prius/envy

    Prius/envy New Member

    Sep 24, 2011
    2011 Prius

    Congrats on taking the plunge! That is QUITE a change ~ from a 7 series to a Prius ~ sham wow!

    My DW (Darling Wife) also drives an X5 and I don't expect that my Barcelona Red 3 with solar and nav will even make a dent in her driving habits. She is fortunate enough to have a job that reimburses her for her business gas and her 2011 X5 is only a year old...so she has lots of bells and whistles too!

    Like you, I kinda jumped in and I actually bought mine without ever having test driven it or any other Prius :eek: ....but then I didn't come out of a 7 series....

    To answer your question about "how long" to adjust ~ I've only had mine for about 45 days and if I'm telling the truth, the adjustment period was short....and now I find that I have to get used to my "other" vehicle when I drive it as I find that I am expecting it to react like the Prius!

    ....and FWIW, the PWR setting is just that ~ ZOOOOOMM!

    My guess is that the only thing that you will miss from your 7 series will be the comfort of the ride and maybe the driver's seat....but then 35 extra mpg's just might help you forget that too :lol:
  13. NYPrius1

    NYPrius1 Active Member

    Jul 7, 2007
    Middletown, NY
    2007 Prius
    Welcome to PC!~ Best Of Luck with Your New Ride.

    You have joined the many who put their families first.

    Pay for all this gas to Look Macho at the expense of my family or Get a Prius and spend the money on vacation or entertainment for the kids.

    As for MPG's

    1 Drive the speed limit.
    2 Drive like u have no brakes.
    3 Learn to anticipate stops and slowing ahead.
    4 Tries at 42/40 PSI.
    Best of Luck to You!