Ford doubles engineering staff for fuel saving engines

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    i would prefer Ford talking up their hybrids as a sign of actually producing some significant numbers than Ecoboost.

    In fact, Ford is late with turbo engines if anything. Germans have been there few years ago, Fiat was faster as well with 3cly small displacement engine, etc.
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    Turbo engines SUCK insofar as FE is concerned.

    Off-Track use of turbo BOOST is a rather RARE thing, may even less than 1% for the average driver. That means turbo engines, inclusive of Ford's EcoBoost/TwinForce engines, MUST run in detuned/derated mode over 99% of the time.


    Boosted engines, turbo or SC, cannot have the maximum engine base/native compression ratio that would be available otherwise. Look at Ford's EcoBoost/TwinForce DFI engines for instance. The use of DFI is allowing Mazda's SkyActiv engines to run with a 12:1 or even as high as 14:1 in some cases. Or even Subaru's non-DFI engines, 8.4:1 CR when it could easily be 10:1 absent the need to sell to the high profit margin (WRX, WRX-Sti) small "boy-racer" market.

    What Ford needs to do is CAN the entire engineering staff and start with engineers that have "clear", unblinded, thinking.

    Or maybe a DFI turbo engine design with an A/C chilled intercooler adapted to the use of an HVAC type/style reheat/remix "blend door". Native/Base CR of 12-14:1 but an effective CR of 16-18:1 under BOOST. Boosted airflow entering the intake manifold would ALWAYS be <50F