freds ride evaluation warts and all

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    Jun 20, 2009
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    well guys, here is my feeling about the c's ride qualities. this is about my 4th prius. i am a serious car guy (porsche, benz, z cars etc). ive had "shorty" for about a month. the very good thing about the handling is that it rides stiffer and leans less than a standard prius. you can almost "flick" it around and it has very little lean. as i have said, if there was more power this could be rated as a sporty handler. that said , it is terrible over rough spots! it bottoms out too easily and will jar your teeth out on a small pothole. i find myself almost gritting my teeth on a road with short, sharp bumps.
    dont get me wrong, even after my criticism, i love to drive it and enjoy snapping through little twisty places. my feeling is that with just slightly beefier suspension. this could REEAALLY be fun!!!:)
    ooops! have i gone too far? FUN in a hybrid???.
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