Fuel Filter Replacement

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    :mellow: i was getting ready to go have a 30K service done and was collecting all the parts when i was told that the fuel filter was in the tank. this would be stupid if were true. does anyone know for sure the location and when the replacement mileage would be? :blink: i am about to give up and take the dealers part and pay the high markup but i have something about throwing my money away. any help you can give would be helpful :rolleyes:
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    I'm not sure but wouldn't be surprised. Most cars nowadays have the filter in the tank? Why is beyond me...maybe to make you take the car in for service????
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    Hey myride, do yourself a favor and just forget about replacing the fuel filter. IF the fuel filter ever becomes a problem replace it but 90% percent chance it will never give you a problem. I've replaced the fuel filter on cars with well over a hundred thousand miles and did not notice any differance with seat of the pants feel or methodical mpg calculation. The only time I've ever heard of a problem was my parents Camry that ran out of gas. A single bad incident and a fuel fiter replacement schedule would not have prevented it. You also don't need to replace your water filter in your refrigerator every six months.
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    no need to replace the fuel filter. don't worry about it.
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    A fridge carbon filter can grow bacteria over time, unless they have some type of antimicrobial added. Most (read - cheap) do not, so it's recommended you either replace the filter on schedule or don't use it at all.
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    The Prius, like all new cars, uses a "returnless" fuel injection system. The fuel filter is located in the tank and is expected to last the life of the car, unless you happen to get a truly nasty tank of gas.

    Older fuel injection systems had a return line, as the excess fuel pressure was controlled by a fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail. The excess was sent back to the tank. Due to the large volume involved in normal operation, those systems had fuel filters that needed to be replaced.

    As an example: my previous vehicle was a 2000 GMC Sierra with a Vortec 5.3 V8. I was very faithful to replace the fuel filter every fall, perhaps too often but it gave me peace of mind. It was very easy to reach, it was on the driver side frame rail below the split between the front door and rear swing-out door.

    A co-worker purchased a 2004 Chevy Silverado in late '03 and it had the fuel filter in the tank. The returnless fuel injection system is better for evaporative emissions control.

    A point to keep in mind with any fuel system: unless there is a drain plug at the very bottom of the tank, if you should happen to pick up a tank of very bad contaminated fuel (Dirt, water, etc), you will most likely ruin the electric fuel pump anyway. That will necessitate dropping the tank, cleaning everything out, and putting in a new pump.

    It wouldn't matter if you had the older-style fuel injection system or the new "returnless" system.
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    Jan 11, 2004
    on the Prius the filter and fuel pump and regulator are all located in the tank, a non-repairable unit. Serviced as a unit only. All the more reason to only buy your gas from a station with a hi turnover rate. But be warned that it's entirely possibe to get a bad load of gas from any station.