HELP!! I am confused trying to find a 2008 Prius touring.

Discussion in 'Gen II Prius Main Forum' started by sluday, Apr 30, 2008.

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    I was under the impression that a Prius w/ package 5 or 6 was only available in touring edition. When I went to to the dealer last week I said I wanted a Prius w/ package 5 and he pulled one out and I test drove it. I glanced at the sticker but I don't remember if it said touring. I also do not recall if the car had 16" wheels and sport tuned suspension. Does Toyota make package 5 and 6 non-touring edition? The car I want is a touring edition package 5. Will the sticker say touring edition? Is there something on the vin number to let me know if it is a touring edition? My local dealer told me today that he a two package 5 in transit and will arrive in a week. Is it possible that one or both of these is the non-touring model? I live in New Jersey if it makes any difference.
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    The same options are available in non-touring models. The touring package has larger wheels, tighter suspension, and a slightly bigger spoiler. Touring models should be labeled as such.

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    It's ok to be confused. it's a sign of adulthood! :kev:
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    I'm glad someone else is confused about the different Prius. I just bought a 2008, and wonder should I have waited for the 2009?
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    You probably drove a Base/Standard Prius because I doubt dealers in New Jersey have any Touring Editions left and I think it's no longer available on the Prius Build Your Own site for New Jersey zip codes.

    Do you remember what the wheels looked like? That's the easiest way to distinguish a Base/Standard Prius from the Touring Edition at the Package 5 level.

    Below is a link to the Prius website. You can see the two different styled wheels. The lead photo is of a Base/Standard Prius and its 6 spoke wheels. In the photo gallery section of the website you can find pictures of the Touring Edition and its 7 spoke wheels.

    Hybrid Prius – 2008 Toyota Prius Hybrid Car Site