Hybrid to Plug-in Conversion kit

Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Plug-in' started by dpluigi, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. dpluigi

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    Jul 23, 2013
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    2009 Prius

    I am interested in installing a 4 to 6kwh battery pack in my Prius C. There are kits from Enginer, PluginSupply, ...

    Any comments between this kit options?
    Is Enginer still in business?

    Did anyone convert the Prius C to a plug-in hybrid?
    If so what kit did you use? (i.e. Enginer, PS, ...)?

    If you did not buy a kit but order parts yourself what did you get for the BMS, high power battery cell, charger,...?

    I realize this is broad but I'd like to pick your brains on both the conversion kit characteristic, price, quality, ...
    but also testimonial on the DIY experience and also any results for the Prius C.

    We can't afford to buy a Std Prius for our second car yet but I'd like to benefit from the CO tax credit with the conversion. This kit might be transferred to our next Prius when it joins the family.


    p.s.: A posted a similar post in Prius C forum, but thought people with experience with Conversion kit might be on this forum instead and not see the other post. I am new to PriusChat and these are my very first post.
  2. bisco

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    May 11, 2005
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    welcome to priuschat! sorry, bad news, there are no reliable aftermarket kits. the only people having any success at all are the technogeeks who spend more time under the hood than they do driving. no one has successfully converted a c, your best bet would be to sell and purchase a pip. that's what many of us did and it's the best thing we ever did, imo. all the best!(y)
  3. ny_rob

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    Feb 28, 2012
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    I agree 100% w/bisco.... the few kits that were once available were only for hard-core hypermilers who liked to spend more time under the hood (or rear hatch in this case) than driving.

    I ended up trading in my 2012 Prius Five for a PIP after reading all the nightmares related to the aftermarket battery kits.