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    Jun 9, 2009
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    I know probably no discount this year since the new model just came out but in a year or two when I plan to buy a Prius I'm thinking about it. I've been reading and you don't really get much at all off MSRP of your Prius do you I am planning to buy a around $27,000 USD one? How much could I expect to get off one?

    Please don't tell me about the gas savings and stuff I have a deal with my parents they match whatever I save my dad hates Toyota so there no wheeling and dealing he will pay for half but no more even if it does get 50mpg.
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    Apr 25, 2009
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    What other people tell you may be of no use, it depends on where you are and what demand is there. In some places there are evidently waiting lists and people have paid MSRP and more. In other places (like where I am), the 2 local dealers have only sold one between them and there are two left (a Silver III vs Nav and a Blue V w Nav) that have now been sitting on the lots for 16 days with no buyers. Without pushing, I got one of them to offer me one for $250 off MSRP and no dealer add-on or "port" option packages, I did not have to push him to get some discount. All that matters is what's happening right where you are. Good luck...