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    Nissan Leaf profitable by year three; battery cost closer to $18,000 — Autoblog Green

    "A couple weeks ago, the Times of London reported that the battery in the Nissan Leaf cost the automaker around $9,000 to produce. We covered the story here, but were hesitant to agree with what seemed to be an incredibly low price. We went with the story because Nissan had told us that a profit will be made on each Leaf sold, so the low battery price partially made sense. We were still skeptical of the numbers though, with good reason, because a new report pegs the battery cost at around double the previously reported amount. Mark Perry, Nissan's chief product planner for North America, told the Wall Street Journal that the actual cost is a little less than $750 per kilowatt hour, bringing the total to just below $18,000."

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