Rear Window Defogger problem

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    2007 Prius
    A couple of days ago I noticed that one of the elements in the upper rear window defogger/defroster isn't working. It's the fifth one from the bottom I believe. All the other elements on the top and bottom seem to be working correctly.

    Is there a way to correct this without taking it to the dealer?

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    2012 Prius
    Your local auto parts store should sell a repair kit for this........they are very common.....
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    2015 Prius
    The repair kit consists of conductive paint. The procedure is for you to place masking tape above and below the broken part of the fifth element, then use the paint to bridge the gap.

    If it is not obvious where the broken portion of the element is located, you could use a voltmeter to locate it. Make the Prius READY, then turn the defroster on. If you place one voltmeter lead at one end of a good element, and start to move the other lead across the element, you will see voltage change smoothly. (Place aluminum foil between the voltmeter probe and the element, to avoid damaging the element.)

    Then try the same exercise on the broken element. Place the voltmeter leads at either end of the element and you should measure ~14V. Then start moving one lead from one end to the other. You'll continue to see 14V until the break, at which point the voltage will drop to 0V.
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