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Discussion in 'Gen II Prius Main Forum' started by spaceship, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. spaceship

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    Feb 24, 2006
    so i went to the dealer to have my 5,000 oil change etc and asked them about increasing the tire pressure to 42f/40b for better gas mileage. they said i would go through tires 3x's as fast. what are your thoughts on that (for people that have experimented with this thus far?) i have read on how to better the gas mileage and i believe i am doing everything except i haven't changed my (air pressure) tires yet.

    i live in las vegas, i have a 2005 package 6, the temp is fairly warm - currently 60's, i haven't been running the ac, my commute to work is short =6m/rt, i have been keeping an eye on my tire pressure pump and glide/etc. my last tank i ave 39.6. i want to make it better. the toyota- fixit guy said, "yeah, prius aren't all that." i was pissed. i love my prius. your thoughts on the tire pressure are greatly appreciated!!!
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    Mar 14, 2005
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    2005 Prius

    the oem tires are kinda low-quality. i could see going through those quicker. but people are still getting ~20k miles out of them even with increased air pressure.

    forget that tech. you don't get it until you own one. you get it. ;)

    don't worry about increasing it to 42/40. good luck :)
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    About 20 YEARS AGO that was indeed true. But that was back when tires couldn't hold their shape anywhere near as well.

    Nowadays, that is absolutely false. Tire pressure has been proven to do precisely the opposite. Tires actually last longer with the higher pressure.

    I've been running 44/42 for years now. That works fantastic.
  4. unruhly

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    Jan 5, 2006
    With a commute of only 3 miles one way, you are probably maxed out on your MPGs. Fortunately you're in Vegas where the clims are warm mostly year round.

    Short trips totally kill your mileage, even more so when the temps are low.

    As for the tire wear. That's another thing I wouldn't worry about with a 6 mile commute. I'm sure you don't just drive to work, but if you did, 20,000 miles will get you to work and back for at least 12 years. By that time the rubber will have rotted and probably fallen off the rims! :eek:
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    Yup 42/40 is what I use also. My Prius tech said not using it was the reason my first set wore out so fast, 2nd set almost doubled the mileage i got out of the first set
  6. jamarimutt

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    May 4, 2004
    So why then does Toyota recommend 35/33 instead of 44/42 or 42/40?
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    Oct 15, 2005
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    It's worth mentioning (so you don't get surprised by it) that at 42/40 you feel a great deal more of the road than you do at 35/33. At low speeds, this makes the car feel like it handles better, tighter, less squishy. At high speeds (80MPH), it has sort of a 'I'm gonna bounce off the road any minute now' feel to it. It was bouncy enough that I backed the pressure back off to about 39/37.

    However - it's very much an issue of personal preference.

  8. hyo silver

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    Mar 2, 2005
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    Welcome to PriusChat, spaceship. (Cool name, by the way. That was my neighbour's first comment on my new car: "It looks like a spaceship!")

    I've used 42/40 since shortly after I got the car, based on recommendations I got here. The handling is better, though the ride is a little rougher. Then again, I'm used to 100 psi bicycle tires, and my...uh...contact points know when I'm on the paint stripe, so even 42/40 on a Prius feels pretty plush to me.

    My question for you is (don't take this the wrong way - I'm asking nicely :) ) why do you need a car for a 3 mile commute?
  9. Rick Grahn

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    Nov 14, 2004
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    2005 Prius

    This is exactly the pressure I use on my tires (39/37)...a good balance of mileage, ride comfort, and control...at least for me.
  10. Prius Maximus

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    May 3, 2004
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    I ran my tires @ 44/42 since I got Sparky home from the dealer. My OEMs got 58,000 miles of flat, even tread wear, and easily had another 5,000 or more room for wear when I replaced them. (With a 55 mile 1-way commute, I didn't want to take too much of a chance in the wonderful Chicago winter driving experience).

    If you don't mind the rougher ride, run them at 44/42 or 42/40. They will last longer and you'll get better mileage.

    By the way, I replaced them with Michelin Hydroedges. Those are awesome tires. If I wasn't so cheap I would have thrown the OEMs away at day 1.