What Drives Us - Episode 26 "Volt Breakdown"

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    This week and Danny and Russell are joined by the full panel (Dr. Evan Fusco, Linda Weidemann and Tony Schaefer) and discuss Leaf and Volt Pricing, breakdown some long term experience driving the Prius PHV and dissect Green Drive Expo in Madison. Look for a special episode later this week featuring a great set of interviews from Green Drive Expo conducted by Tony Schaefer. Hosts: Russell Frost and Danny Cooper Panelists: Evan Fusco, Linda Weidemann, Tony Schaefer Episode #: 26 Time: 1:16:49 Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes Subscribe to What Drives Us - Enhanced Edition with your favorite podcatcher Subscribe to What Drives Us - MP3 with your favorite podcatcher Direct Enhanced M4A Download Leave us a voicemail with your question or topic and we'll try to get you on the air. Just call (575) 51-DRIVE. Become a "Fan" of What Drives Us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/whatdrivesus We love to respond to your questions and comments there as well. If you like what you hear on What Drives Us, tell a friend.
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    I would actually by the Leaf if they had a Frond trim level. :)
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