2016 Prius Reveal

Photos and video from the 2016 Toyota Prius reveal in Las Vegas

Danny, Sep 6, 2015
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    • Sergiospl
    • Danny
      No, they had it wrong for some reason. Event is Tuesday night.
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    • Chazz8
      I just finished viewing all 51 pages of images and boy are my fingers tired. I feel like I was there in person.
      Thank you PriusChat.

      The best/fastest way to view the images on an iPad is to touch/select the first image to bring it up on a webpage by itself, touch/select it again to bring up pop-up version of the image, then click the right arrow on right side of image to efficiently scroll through all the images.
    • HTMLSpinnr
      We're not done yet! I've got dozens more to share, including some close-up angles beneath the car, grille-shutters, battery, and more!
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      Yeah, 22 more pages of pictures. Thank you
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    • HTMLSpinnr
    • RhettP
      I thought I would like it more after seeing the reveal, but after seeing these photos I can assure you that I'm going back to Jeep Wrangler when I can afford to. I'm a butt guy and I really don't get the "butt" on this car. Lets just say that its 'butt ugly."
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