Tony's 2010 Prius III

Barcelona Red, with 42603-52110 center caps, OEM style driving lights work as DRLs or with auto off on headlights. Love this car mpg continues to improve as the car teaches me. In over a year with the car it keeps getting better. Added OEM fogs, Priushoods center console cover installed in grey (sorry Boo I liked it better). Backup camera and auto dimming mirror with backup camera monitor included (those little kids in the street move WAY too fast). Just added a Scangauge II (gave 1st one to my daughter, she has improved her mpg by about 10 % in her Saturn) preprogramed by Wayne at CleanMPG, speedometer error checked against GPS, Scangauge spot on 2 mph slower than MFD. OK folks where do I find trim rings, has anyone had luck. I blocked the lower grill with foam pipe insulation and am amazed that my mpg's have improved even as the weather cooled. Will be interesting to compare through the winter. Hey, nice job of editing my license plate number on the camera when it's in plain view on other shots. I'm such a genious

tonyrenier, Aug 23, 2009
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