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  1. msg4life
    Images of my 50k prius v 2015 engine. Borescope.
  2. priuscatprimeguy
    nice ride!
  3. knowhimwell
    Hi, I know that prius chat members hate the logo swap, but I like it, and want to do it to my silver 06 level 8. Can you tell me what lexus I need to get them from? Thanks. I want to do all 3.
  4. Daliss
    Just saw your note here! I responded in thread.
  5. Karma2011 Prius
    I live in Anchorage, AK and am having the exact same issue with my 2011 Prius sunroof. Took it to the dealership on Saturday to have them look at it, they said it was cosmetic. The dealership is...