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  1. WalterW
    Prius 1.8 OEM Gen 3 (6J ET45) & Gen 4 (6 1/2J ET40) rims without wheel covers on Gen 3 - 2015 ZVW30R model.
  2. kithmo
    Yeah, I put it there cos it was difficult to reach over from the other seat.:rolleyes:
  3. randomwalk101
    Nice. I also put metallic blue on mine too. Btw you put the steering wheel on the wrong side. Kekekke
  4. NatPrius
    Whoops; it appears this IS the video but it will not play for some reason. The .jpg is the other file. I will attempt to reload the video but any help with deleting this file is appreciated.
  5. NatPrius
    Sorry this first attempt is a .jpg and will not open, but I can not figure out how to delete it. I loaded the actual video of the clutch on a separate attempt.