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Videos of cute kitties and puppies and other subjects doing things outside of a Prius.


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  1. Tideland Prius
    Hmm, and there's nothing listed in the dealer's computer? It is available since Japanese customers can order the accessory as shown below. It's just whether Toyota USA has made it available to US...
  2. RideTheRails
    Thanks, mine's got Moonstone interior with the white. I got appliques for the console, shifter, and steering wheel, but didn't see any indication of one for the back console.
  3. Tideland Prius
    On the Prime, it's standard with the black interior. For the Moonstone (white/black) interior, it'll come with white. Check with your local dealer. They may have something for those who got the...
  4. RideTheRails
    Where do you get the black trim applique? I can't find any mention of it online.
  5. mjoo
    @VintageGold It's held to one of the hoses with a zip tie. Most of the fastening is done by sandwiching it between those two hoses. After 10k miles I'm noticing very slight chafing of the A/C...