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  1. Phillip Griffith
    cut ground
  2. Garra671
    @andreimontreal I didn’t mean to post it here. It’s used too pull the crankshaft pulley off. Although I’m not sure if this one will actually fit or not. I don’t believe the included...
  3. andreimontreal
    What is that? What does it do?
  4. Brentblk
    08 Prius Washer fluid line leaking under the passenger seat. About an 1 1/2" area was rubbing on something. Cutting this section out and splicing in new line with a larger diameter tube over it to...
  5. lech auto air conditionin
    It depends 1: Is it a new manufactured compressor in which the manufacture put a complete charge of refrigerant for the whole entire vehicle in the compressor. And since the...