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  1. lech auto air conditionin
    @priusCpilot it’s a work car I don’t prize cars, I don’t worship them. They are just a hunk and metal, glass and plastic that get me from point A to B and get the job done . I stripped most of...
  2. priusCpilot
    Good lord! I would wrap the interior to protect. I’ve had transmissions and engines and other things inside but I had it completely protected. It looks mint and scratch free LOL
  3. Vinnie D
  4. Nopho4u
    I'm trying to figure out what offset is fender on lip for a 9.5 wheel with minus 6. I'm coming up with plus 22 but not sure if right
  5. cnc97
    This was trip from home to Murfreesboro TN, cruise set at 5 miles under the limit.