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  1. lech auto air conditionin
    @アレン・スピクタロン lol. tesla demo model on their show room floor showing their chassis. On the Tesla it’s fairly easy you just got to remove all the inner trunk lining in the front to get access
  2. アレン・スピクタロン
    To access the compressor the car needs to look like that?
  3. lech auto air conditionin
    @アレン・スピクタロン [MEDIA]
  4. lech auto air conditionin
    @アレン・スピクタロン [MEDIA]
  5. lech auto air conditionin
    @アレン・スピクタロン I’m about to release a video where I cut open the condenser hitters and I cut off and I cut open the receiver dryer to show and explain how to refrigerant moves inside turning...