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  1. TK Rocket
    I'm trying to figure out what offset is fender on lip for a 9.5 wheel with minus 6. I'm coming up with plus 22 but not sure if right
  2. cnc97
    This was trip from home to Murfreesboro TN, cruise set at 5 miles under the limit.
  3. JimboPalmer
    Look at this and see if it is not the same assembly. 2004-2009 Toyota Prius HID Headlight Level Sensor OEM Leveling Sensor | eBay [IMG]
  4. Air_Boss
    Appears the mirror cover yielded but the underlying mirror housing yielded, without breaking the mirror or motor drive. If you don't mind the housing appearance you could change out the cover...
  5. Larry Schulman
    How are you anchoring that aluminum bracket you made to the underside of the dash? Are those velcro pads shown in the picture? You have a nice looking installation.