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  1. chronon
    i see displays going for $20 online -- they seem to be for 06 and newer, mine doesnt have NAV and is 05, i guess the display size got a bit bigger in 06 ?
  2. Eduardonevess
    Great work
  3. Sean2005Gen2CA
    @Ali001 Surge in MFD to full green bars when braking / going down a hill was typical of my experience with my struggling pack. Also, it typically stayed between purple and a few blues driving...
  4. Ali001
    MFD charge goes from purple to green only if i am going down hill otherwise its always between purple and blue bars. One of my friends tried OBD2 reader and it did show one of the modules is weak...
  5. Sean2005Gen2CA
    How is the MFD holding charge? If the display goes form purple bars to full green bars quickly over short drives, it could mean one or more of the modules in your HV pack is weak. Also, if you...