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  1. James Analytic
    @mjoo How are those OCC hoses holding up? I invested in some 3/8" fuel rated PCV rubber hose from O'Reilly's. Though looks my OCC will come with the same style hose.
  2. ztanos
    @アレン・スピクタロン I did change the 12v battery last year. I forgot about that. Otherwise, all else is normal, just oil changes and filter changes. Still on OG brake pads. I also had to change the tiny...
  3. アレン・スピクタロン
    @ztanos So it still have the original hybrid and 12 V battery? and brakes? incredible i must say. First i tried to get an orange Prius C but it was hard to find, and back then i did not have the...
  4. ztanos
    @アレン・スピクタロン In the 130k miles I've owned it, I've had to fix two things: Windshield wiper squirter motors burned out, both front/back, covered under warranty. Door lock actuators on both front...
  5. アレン・スピクタロン
    @ztanos Nice, and any problems since then? or something to be replaced?