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Brand New Prius Batteries, Male, from Rocky Mountains

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    1. dpower
      Is this still a valid contact. I’ve been trying to reach you for a couple of months, I need a replacement module to repair my pack.
    2. qlak
      Hey, I have been trying to reach you for an update on my order (#1045, March 2022). I emailed you and called and got no response. Please get in touch with me.
    3. Beowulf9879
    4. Gino Veltri
      Gino Veltri
      Hey, how much are gen 2 packs going for nowadays?
    5. Brucetafer
      Hey I have 2 2nd gen kits and want to install one into a newer 2013, can you sell me the wiring kit or let me know if I can modify the stock harness? I have lots of tools for making wiring harnesses for marine
    6. Jonathan St. Vincent
      Jonathan St. Vincent
      Hi there - quick question for you... I installed one of your packs a couple years ago and just started getting a P0A80 (no other codes) after my car say a couple weeks (from working from home). Would you have any ideas to diagnose whether something has gone wrong in the cells? I read 11.9-12.0v on the aux battery, and ~14.3v on the nav screen diagnostic menu when the car is turned on. Thanks!
    7. George W
      George W
      I purchased a pack from you before Thanksgiving of 2019. It's been running great but I need to re-inspect my installation. I was wondering if I could get the Instructions file from you again as I can't seem to find the original conversation after our transaction. I purchased the kit for a 2008 Prius. [email protected]. Thanks.
    8. kicker22004
      What's the delay on your gen 2 packs?
    9. jgcannon2
      Thanks for your recommendation to try to get new prismatic Yabo modules if I couldn't get new Toyota replacements modules from the dealer (I'm the guy who snapped 2 posts in a new Toyota battery pack.)

      And idea where I could get 2 of these?

      Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you.

      I tried to pm you, but it said I couldn't...
    10. tonycd
      2k1. I just read an old post where you said:

      The Prius can easily supply 1KW continuously from the 12v. I have some thick 4awg wire connected right off of the inverter output and grounded to the inverter chassis connected to an anderson connector that mates to my 12v inverter.

      Dumb newbie question: I just got the pieces. Should I plug in the Anderson connector while the car is started or off?

    11. Travis Sanders
      Travis Sanders
      Can I purchase just the battery wiring harness from battery ECM to the modules from you? I looked in your website but it wasn't listed.
    12. Cybersurgeon
      I just purchased your battery pack and am excited to get it and hope it works well for the long term.
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    13. maverick4u
      So what's the best strategy for replacing a gen1 Prius battery? My 2003 traction battery is gone but your website seems to cater to 2004 and later cars. I heard the dealer has oem hybrid batteries for the Prius and they may have the upgraded gen2 or gen3 cells in them. Is this true?
      1. Travis Sanders likes this.
    14. packtlikesardines
      The links in your "Prius Battery Replacement Kit (GenII/GenIII) with NEW custom cells" post aren't working. 'store.' needs to be added before the link. Just a heads up.
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    Rocky Mountains
    Electrical & Computer Engineer to Entrepreneur
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    NEW Battery Pack Kit your GenII Prius (2004-2009) or GenIII Prius (2010-2015)
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