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a priori
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Sep 12, 2022 at 12:46 AM
Aug 14, 2007
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Chicagoland (West)

a priori

Canonus Curiosus, from Chicagoland (West)

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Sep 12, 2022
    1. reesch
      A priori, have you any thoughts on the Gen 4 "bone china" interior trim? It's a deal breaker in my mind.
    2. lauren80ryan
      Isn't our BLUE AMAZING?!?!?! I love how it sparkles!!!!
    3. lauren80ryan
      so when I say "obsessed" you know it is meant with love, right?! LOL

      Sure! Send me a spreadsheet. Anything that lets me play with my car when I'm not in it sounds fun. :-)
      And thanks for tips. I'm sure I will be one of many newbies whining when mpg drops and we don't know why. Now I will!
    4. lauren80ryan
      HEY!! I got my car on Friday (19th) and LOVE it! I take the "city" way to work instead of highway and I am getting 59 mpg with little effort. Since this is my first prius I am still learning pulse/glide, etc. But on the way home from dealer we did 55-70 mph ALL highway and still got 45 mpg so I am HAPPY!!
      I am so glad I upgraded to the sunroof. It is amazing and I'm getting spoiled for the first time with navigation, satellite radio, bluetooth, etc. This car is AWESOME! :-)
    5. darelldd
      Two months later and I see a new message. :) Can we maybe have just ONE word?
    6. RVFiorentino
      I see you have a 2010 V with the AT package. I have one on order and would like to know what you think of the AT package. Thanks Richard
    7. jon_lancaster_toyota
      You stop in.....caught my eye drivin' by the window with your Pabst Blue Ribbon Prius...but didn't hang around long enuf! So Sorry I missed you, but great lookin' car.
    8. lauren80ryan
      CONGRATS on the 2010! How much are you loving it?!?! Would love to hear more pros/cons you've discovered. My #3 with solar should be here in 2 weeks. I'm getting really excited. :-)
    9. reesch
      Hey A Priori!

      How's the '10? We ordered our IV Blizzard Pear w/ Misty gray and Nav on May 2 and got an email today from our dealer that it is here!!! Initially he had said end of July to mid August. Unfortunately, I just began applying for a line of credit, so we may just do "visitation" for the next several days!

      What are your thoughts on extended warranty? Our dealer has two Platinums for $1795 each, one includes unlimited oil changes. Not sure that justifies the extra dollars vs the PriusChat extended warranty I see for $1035. We had extended warranty on our '05 and used it for our headlight issue which would have cost us $760 (far less than the cost of the warranty).

      On the one hand, Prius is Toyota, and Toyota is quality, so why bother until maybe later when the 36,000 mile coverage is about to lapse. On the other hand, "things happen" and with all the whistles and bells on Prius, I would think costs could soar fairly quickly.

      Whatta ya think, Oh Great Prius Guhru?
    10. darelldd
      Snicker.... Hey look. Tehre was a new message from you back in Feb. :) Just noticed it. Unless something pops up and slaps me upside the head, I don't notice it. So uh... yeah. Still waiting!
    11. JERRRY
      When are we going to get color charts for 2010
    12. eglmainz
      Question for you. I live in the Western Burbs of Chicago, and will likely (50/50) buy from St Charles Toyota. I see that you have one on order with them. (I will be buying a 2010, with AT package). How were they with you regarding pricing, or have they given you no information? I would be fine with commiting to a certain $$ level above Invoice, but will not pay list. Do I have a chance with them? thanks, Eric
    13. Bill Merchant
      Bill Merchant
      What a clever, perfect response!
    14. darelldd
      Yes. But not until then!

      Aren't I supposed to get notifications about messages to my thing here? Just noticed this thee weeks later!
    15. hill
      Yes! I agree. I'm just getting over feeling exhausted / punchy. Took a two hour nap today, so by tomorrow I might be able to look at the other 80% of the pictures i took. It was especially great talking with you, and a couple others that understand folks don't have to check their reason/intellect at the door, if they seek to determine 'where we came from'. Gary
    16. Rangerdavid
      Hi! It was my pleasure! What a nice trip.. and mi casa es tu casa, anytime you're close.

    17. Rae Vynn
      Rae Vynn
      You have the most subtle, sly sense of humor!
      I do think that, not quite secretly, you were laughing at me the whole time.
      Mysterious. Enigmatic. Mona Lisa is your Mom.
      Oh, and don't worry, I'll not tell anyone about what you were doing in the bar ... ;)
    18. Rae Vynn
      Rae Vynn
      ...and I truly enjoyed meeting you in Detroit! :)
    19. Rae Vynn
      Rae Vynn
      I always enjoy your posts! :)
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    Chicagoland (West)
    2010 Prius


    Previous Prius: 2007 Silver Pine Mica Pkg #6. 29,492 miles.
    Lifetime: 52.2 MPG; Last Rolling 12 Months: 53.4 MPG

    Current Car: 2010 Blue Ribbon Metallic Prius V w/ AT Pkg. (from 5/25/09)
    Lifetime City Mileage: . . . . . . . 52.4 MPG
    Lifetime Highway Mileage: . . . 55.2 MPG
    Lifetime Combined Mileage: . . 52.8 MPG @ 60,000 miles
    Best Trip Odo: (778.7 mi at 20 mph): 60.6 MPG & (390.0mi at 47 mph): 64.5 MPG
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