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    1. bizznich39
      you get pulled over for the tail tints?
    2. Superdrol
      Is the 50% in the back, just on the back windows only ? and the 80% on the front only ? How about the strip on the windshield and actual rear window ?
    3. samsprius1
      Hey man,
      I got LED head lights luv um!! I need inside dome ,footwell, glovebox,
      Also what % tint did you use on your tails??
      Help me out! Scott
    4. samsprius1
      Those tails are killer!! point me to your source for the XENON WHITE LEDS!!
      I Need a change!!
      Thanks, Scott
    5. going red baby!
      going red baby!
      I had a 6 week old puppy get me out of a ticket once. :)

      I guess that's legal for the front, they look dark in your pics.

      Did you get the little piece under the spoiler done? I was told they don't do it because it's plastic, but I don't like the difference in tint when I look out the rear view mirror.
    6. going red baby!
      going red baby!
      Hey there... I'm in L.A. and just got my windows tinted yesterday. I like yours... nice and dark. Are you worried about a ticket for the front ones? The place that did mine said definite ticket if I used the same on the front as on the back. And they said smoked tail lights are a definite ticket too. :(

      How long have you had your car tinted like that?
    7. jwarrenjg
      where did u get all your led's?
    8. ALL_600D
      sorry for the late reply. I tinted the lights myself. Much better results are achieved if you remove the whole tail light. That way you can wrap the vinyl tint around the corners for a better and pro finish. Vinyl tints are available online on ebay. But you got to have a lot of patience and a good working heat gun. I did the right side alone, but I found it much easier when I had my girlfriend help me with the left side. As I did the wrapping and smoothing, she held the heat gun and only applied heat on spots where I told her to.
    9. RadioMan
      I've got my 2010 blizzard pearl on order... and your tinted lights look fantastic! Did a tint shop do do I get them tinted?
      Thanks- Bob - Hot Springs
    10. ALL_600D
      Thanks, no its not that dark, its actually only 35%. I tried 5% and hardly any light passed through. Just had some "MTEC" 6000k HID Kit Installed today along with changing all bulbs inside the car to XENON WHITE LEDS , will put up pics soon.
    11. wave_slider
      Nice ride ALL_600D. I should be getting my blizzard pearl within the next few weeks too. How dark is your tint? I looks super dark. 5% ish?
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