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    1. Sherry Sabine
      Sherry Sabine
      Hi there:

      I found you on the Prius Chat forum.

      We are holding a very unique fund-raiser this September aimed at increasing awareness of eco and $$$ friendly cars and modifications that can be done to improve efficiency.

      The Fresh Green Ride is an event of Cedar Hill Enrichment Center in north Forsyth County (Home).

      We are primarily focusing on Prius' for this year's event, although other eco-friendly cars can be included.

      What I am seeking is to find individuals who are interested in showing off their cars and sharing why they love them with the public in a fun settiing.

      If you are interested in participating or know anyone who is, we would greatly appreciate your passing along our information.

      Thank you for your help and time AND for choosing to drive GREEN!

      Cedar Hill (FreshGreenRide) on Twitter
      [email protected]
      [email protected]
    2. bang4abuckprius
      Silver 05 with after market Donzi 16" wheels and Potenza tires,EV on cruise stalk, shark fin,K&N filter,block heater and winter months block upper & lower grills off! I just lowered it with Eibach Pro-Performance springs! Looks and handles great! 7 year old battery dead, put the new made for Prius Optima yellow top, fit like a glove!!!
    3. bang4abuckprius
      05 out of warrenty, odometer has gone bad !!! I need some or any info on how to take dash apart to get to it. I found 05 odometer with a little more than 2 k miles more than my broken one. I know dash comes apart because I have already done some hacks on it !!! Any HELP.
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