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Feb 13, 2007
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Flushing, NY
Attorney. I'm presently retired, on sabbatical, u
    1. KAR IDEA
      KAR IDEA
      Ok thank you. I guess I'll reply back...nothing to lose except giving them my phone number and bit of info I suppose. Plus if it's legit, I'll make a little money if they decide to use me for the study.
    2. Boo

      I'm going to try to send you a Private Message with links to both the Owner's Manual and Navigation Manual on PDF.
    3. Crazyhorse6901
      I finally purchased a 2010 Prius IV with the solar moon roof...A while back you sent a copy of the Prius manual in PDF file by means of you send it ETC...My computer crashed and I didn't have a chance to back it up, any chance to get a copy of such or am I S.O.L
      Thanks for your time and help...Prius Rules:)
    4. Boo
      Hi Dave,

      Yes, I got a private message from SIS International and I emailed them back. They also started a thread on the same subject and I replied there as well. I haven't gotten a reply back from them. I don't know if they're legit or not.
    5. KAR IDEA
      KAR IDEA
      Boo did you get an email through Prius Chat from SIS International Research about a new automotive technology study taking place in Brooklyn from August 11th to August 31st? I'm just feeling this out to see if it's legitimate or not...

      Please get back to me at your convenience...Dave
    6. wddanie

      I'm sure you can answer this question:

      Will 2005 seats fit a 2007 Prius?

      I am selling some seats from my 2005 on ebay, and a potential buyer has a 2007, but we need to confirm they will fit before completing the sale. We will be swapping both the front and rear seats, and they are both the cloth upolstery.

      I have read on the forum that the seats from 2004 to 2009 are basically interchanable, but there were some slight dimensional changes along the way. Slight changes would not be a problem here as long as the basic attach points and surfaces and air bag wiring are the same.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

    7. nascrlvr
      Tom....thanks once again for the good advice. I will try that.....it's for my hubby's Tacoma truck. Again, you are so wise!!! Thanks....Judi
    8. nascrlvr
      Tom....I have a quick question and I know you can probably help. My husband's '09 Tacoma truck has some surface scratches on the hood. The paint color is Pyrite Mica. What would you suggest to use to get those off? They aren't down to the base coat...just the surface. Thanks so much. Judi
    9. halpos4
      Hi Boo,Thanks for the comments,i got the seat covers made by a local upholsterer,they fit them brilliantly and they can be removed without damaging the original fabric,they're waterproof,hardwaring but still soft and very much leather like,they'll be on 4 yrs this year and 277,000km of arse wear!! lol
    10. unit333
      I saw on one of your posts you have installed Clazzio seats on your Prius III.
      Do you mind telling me how you removed the back seat. No matter how many times I tried, it just seems impossible.
      Thank you
    11. happy2472
      Hey im kinda confused i saw your post about the headlights and after 50 different windows open my pc crashed ... have u used the website powerbulbs.com and if so when u purchase a bulb is it one in a package or two?
    12. nascrlvr

      I am totally confused after reading the post about drive through car washes in the Gen III postings. Can you cut to the chase for me and simplify this?? Should I do that ever?? If so, what do I do to the car prior to allowing the guys to drive it into the wash or if I take it to the $3 and "I drive it through thing", what do I do??? Help!!! Thanks Tom....Judi
    13. Pohaku
      Thought it would be better to link there, rather than the thread with the manual PDF download. Thanks!
    14. Frituurke
    15. kiddflip3
    16. jangell2
    17. Vincent
    18. blackpolish
    19. Boo
      Hi Judi,

      Sorry, I know very little about window tinting.
    20. nascrlvr
      Tom....do you know anything about GeoShield window tint?? I want to tint the windows and this has been suggested. Help!!! Thanks. Judi
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    Flushing, NY
    Attorney. I'm presently retired, on sabbatical, u
    2007 Prius
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