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    1. donalmilligan089
      I recently Had my 2005 #3 in dealership. I was picking it up to remove it on a tow dolly. They said it would not roll though 2 weeks earlier it would roll and steer. I asked if the 12 volt battery was up and when the mech.said he could not put it in gear. He said yes it is in good condition. Then I asked if the rear door would unlatch. It wouldn't. That means the 12 volt is down and the shift lever will not work. I am only a student of the prius manual but knew then that the mech. was not scooled in the prius I got it home charged the battery and unlocked the rear door and started the shifter and released it frrom the automatic Park. I am convinced that one must find a knowleagble shop. I found one at AUTOBEYOURS. The prius is there only concern and now they have built 6 phev and can add it to others for $8,995.00.Call Steve at 812 820 5050 in Scottsburg ind. The only one I kwow of east of the mississippi Don
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