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    1. CapnRon
      Thanks for the info. I was able to speak with the Sales Manager who tracks orders on the computer. While he couldn't tell me anything other than F status (which I already knew a few days ago), he committed to personally calling me as soon as My PIP arrives on the lot. He says the dealer checklist will take about four hours to complete then I can drive away. If it hasn't arrived by Monday morning, he says he will call the port directly which can sometimes provide additional information.
      Honestly, my dealership is only a two hour drive from Long Beach. I would have thought the car would have already arrived. That's especially true now that I know one has already made it to Tucson! So .. any day now, I would think.
      Thanks again for the info. Much appreciated.
    2. jbrad4

      > My Prius was on the Pyxis. In addition, I have also
      > received my "on the way" email from Toyota. However,
      > my dealer can tell me NOTHING. As of today, they are
      > saying UP TO THREE WEEKS. This is hugely disappointing
      > and quite hard to accept. I was expecting much more
      > from them.

      My Plug-In was on the PYXIS also which arrived last Monday in Long Beach. My car was delivered to my dealer (Desert Toyota) in Tucson, AZ yesterday. There is definitely something wrong at your dealership.

      You need to find out who at your dealership does the ordering on the Toyota system. That is the person that I dealt with at my dealership. No other sales people are going to know crap about your car. You need to find this guy and and talk to him.
      He's going to probably be the only guy who knows anything about your car. When you talk to him ask him if your car is in "F" status yet. F=Freight meaning it should be on a truck headed for the dealership.
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